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ROBERT HARRIS >> Owner & Operator of Jet Guys

Robert Harris Founder and Owner of Jet Guys EZ Jets


( previously known as EZ Jets )

PLANES, PLANES, PLANES: He’s been involved with Canard aircraft since the first Vari Eze he built over 30 years ago. Since retiring from Northwest he has been doing Canard Aircraft building, repair, alteration, modification and condition inspecting full time. If it has a Canard on it, he has probably worked on it. Robert has a personal highly modified Long Eze with all the improvements he has ever wanted in a Long Eze....he calls it Purple.

BEFORE JET GUYS: Robert retired from Northwest Airlines after being there 20 years and at the same time as working at Northwest he was running the shop known as The Ez Hangar.

ARMY GUY: As Robert puts it, he was “invited” to join the Army for a visit to other parts of the world. Robert has been an A&P for 43 years. Yea, he’s seen a lot.

FAVORITE FOOD: Robert’s favorite food is Marie Callender's frozen dinners. Given a choice he would vacation somewhere out west.

GOOD TO KNOW: Don't play country music around him, classic rock and roll please. During down time he reads and researches the older century jets.


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