MIKE YANCEY >> Fabricator at Jet Guys

FABRICATOR: Short word for all Mike does.

PLANES, PLANES, PLANES: He came to Robert already an aircraft owner. Mike’s experience is vast to say the least. Proficient on the milling machine and metal lathe, master welder, structural engineer, fluid dynamic operation design, fiberglass fabricator and makes some really mean Bar-B-Que.

VARI EZE: Currently Mike owns a Vari Eze which is undergoing a restoration rebuild.

OTHER JOB: Mikes secondary job is Steve’s secretary. (inside joke)

GREAT OUTDOORS: During off time he and his wife Tami like to camp and fish with their trailer on one of their favorite lakes. In his spare time Mike is quite the master woodworker.

FAVORITE FOOD: Mike’s favorite food is smokes Bar-B-Que, seafood and any other as long as it makes a good turd.

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