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STEVE BRALEY >> Self Proclaimed Turbine Engine Wizard

Steve Braley Turbine Engine Wizard at Jet Guys

Self proclaimed turbine engine wizard.....and it’s true.

NICK NAME: Steve spent 24 years in the Navy....maybe why we call him Stinky Steve......having been working on jet engines the entire time.

PLANES, PLANES, PLANES: After a stint at a commuter airline in Maintenance Control Steve came to Robert looking for something to do and got all wrapped up in experimental airplanes and the engines we are using.

TURBINE ENGINE WIZARD: Just Ask Him! Steve runs, no pun intended, the engine shop...turbine engine that is. Steve will tear down the jet engine to nothing but a pile of parts, put it all back together and run it. He also oversees the engine operations and maintenance during test flights.

FAVORITE FOOD: Steve’s favorite food is home cooked left overs.

LOVES HIS FAMILY: Steve is also a master at doing nothing when he is not working and enjoys his time with family.


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