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Get To Know About The People at Jet Guys

The Jet Guys Brain Trust hanging out on an unusually warm January Sunday afternoon

FOUNDER & OWNER OF JET GUYS ( previously known as EZ Jets )

PLANES, PLANES, PLANES:  He’s been involved with Canard aircraft since the first Vari Eze he built over 30 years ago.  Since retiring from Northwest he has been doing Canard Aircraft building, repair, alteration, modification and condition inspecting full time.  If it has a Canard on it, he has probably worked on it. Robert has a personal...

FABRICATOR:  Short word for all Mike does. 

PLANES, PLANES, PLANES:  He came to Robert already an aircraft owner.  Mike’s experience is vast to say the least.  Proficient on the milling machine and metal lathe, master welder, structural engineer, fluid dynamic operation design, fiberglass fabricator and makes some really mean Bar-B-Que.

VARI EZE:  Currently Mike owns a Vari Eze which...

Self proclaimed turbine engine wizard.....and it’s true. 

NICK NAME:  Steve spent 24 years in the Navy....maybe why we call him Stinky Steve......having been working on jet engines the entire time. 

PLANES, PLANES, PLANES: After a stint at a commuter airline in Maintenance Control Steve came to Robert looking for something to do and got all wrapped up in experimental airplanes and the engines w...

Rick does a lot of the test flying of aircraft the shop puts out. 

PILOT:  Rick started flying at 14.....a long time ago.....I think Orvill was involved.  His flying  experience reads as a who’s who.  CFI, MEI, turbine, helicopter, round engine, seaplane and hot air balloon. 

FAVORITE FOOD:  All Food! Rick’s favorite food is either raw or cooked. 

MULTI-TALENTED:  In his down...

Terry is our electronics guru.  If it deals with electrons, Terry knows how. 

AS A KID:  He spent a stint in the Army at Ft. Knox in his younger days. 

BUT NOT A NERD:  Terry is a retired computer code and software writer. 

PLANES, PLANES, PLANES:  He met Robert in Covington TN years ago when he bought his Vari Eze which he still owns to this day along with a Cherokee. 

Ryzard is our Rutan Aircraft Flying Experience representative, chase pilot and... in his spare time... our janitor. 

Oh Yeah... He is also the founder of Rutan Aircraft Flying Experience!


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