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Tweaking the Pitch trim on a Custom Long Eze

When restoring my Long Eze (aka) Purple, I made many changes to the canard.

#1 I installed sheared tips. To keep the span at 142” that required the canard to be shortened six inches. That required the out board hinge to be moved inboard. On the elevator, the inboard end is shortened by 2” and the outboard by 3”. I set the elevators 1/8” high above neutral, then installed tips and a fairing on fuselage. In normal cruise (183kts) indicated, the elevators are faired with tips.

Purple is mine, so finding time to work on it is difficult. It has been flying for several years . It is a very fast one, most Long and Vari Eze that are fast run out of nose down trim.

For years we have been taking out one degree of nose down incidence. You must be careful doing this, as it allows the main wing to go into a higher angle in stall. We have experienced no bad behavior with pitch buck, with various CG changes. The results of this were not all positive. Yes it is fast, however in cruise above 170kts it requires a lot of nose down trim. This required a stiff feel to the stick, and to maneuver a lot of trim inputs. Very stable but not pleasant to fly.

The other day I finally took the time to install a Gerrny flap to each elevator on the bottom . Each one 6” Long. Now we’re getting somewhere. I used some heat shrink and tape for the test. Now it is much better to fly starting to feel like a stock Long.

Stay tuned... The aileron trim is the next project, it needs some tweaking.


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