A Lot of Sanding

When you have a composite shop that custom builds and repairs aircraft you tend to do a lot of sanding. Did I say a lot? That would be an under-statement.

My thoughts wander as I sand. One question popped into my head: how many different types of aircraft have I worked on?

The first airplanes were all turbine twins, I did that for years before I worked on piston engines. Piper ,Beech, Cessna AG aircraft with big round motors and turbine. Warbirds L3, P51, Spitfire, T33, T34, Yak T6. And there was the heavy stuff: DC-9 to 727, 319, 320, 757, DC 10 and 747, MD11. The odd ball stuff, that would take awhile.

And an example of just last month: F24 in-line Franklin, F24 round motor Jake, Show cat with a 985 Pratt, and a Swift Champ. Several Long Eze, a Cozy Jet, and the Berkut VariViggen. Even got to test drive the horseless carriage for a couple of miles.

But today... I am sanding. A Lot of Sanding!

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