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Turning Dreams into Reality

JetGuys is a sponsor of RAFE and I’d been volunteering there. I’d seen the amazing work they have done. I was even luckier because Robert Harris and his team at JetGuys have maintained 13DF for the previous owner and knew the aircraft extremely well.

They have 25 years of expertise in avionics, electrical and structures particular to these types of aircraft. I elected to tap into this best practice knowledge for the task of upgrading my LongEZ. They are very open about what they do, like to teach their customers the intricacies of Rutan aircraft and encourage owners to participate. Though known for building jets based on Rutan designs, JetGuys started doing EZ maintenance and it’s still its bread and butter work. They not only do maintenance and condition inspections; they’re known for complex repairs and overhauling of these designs. It’s probably the best equipped facility, not just in expertise but in tools and equipment to do this kind of work.


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