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Jet Guys have Toys Too

We are Canard lovers at heart, but truth is we love everything that flies. Like Champ! We've been working on putting new Mags & Carbs on Champ, and it's coming along.

How did Champ end up with the Jet Guys...

At Jet Guys we tend to stumble into some interesting projects. A couple friends of mine were able to purchase a couple of aircraft from an estate. As often happens, the family never finds the log books.  In this case we were dealing with a Champ and a Swift.

We started with the Champ, a 7EC. This sounds like a hard task, however it requires some digging into the history. The FAA  will give you all the info they have on file. You can call the previous owner, and even the airport where it was in the past. You just want to talk to anybody that knows of the airplane.

In this age of computers, you will be amazed what you can find out online. As it turns out Champ had log books from Canada, but none for the US. A receipt from a repair station provided the clue, which made another entry make since. From this we were able to recreate it's history. The FAA has  a procedure for doing this, just follow the steps.

We ended up with the best annual this Champ ever had. Doing all the AD notes again took most of the time. Flying the Champ is an eye opener! Makes me like my Long Eze a lot more.  

Meet Champ... one of the Jet Guys Toys!


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