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Jet Guys Build Faster, Smarter

So just how do the Jet Guys build airframes or make repairs so fast? Simple.

Most builders, and I suppose it’s normal, want to hurry to get to the end of the project. So in an effort to save time they actually waste it. How? They have a few minutes to kill so they mix up some micro and just fill a little area.

Several mistakes were just made. First was the prep of the area. Was it? Was it “dulled”? Did you put a thin coat of epoxy on it prior to putting on the micro? What epoxy did you use... EZ Poxy! If you did, I hope you enjoy sanding concrete. Don’t put micro on until you are FINISHED building. Why? Ok, here ya go.

EXAMPLE - SEE PICTURE - Example of wasted time. This picture shows that Previous builder went thru primer but the surfaces aren’t even close yet. Where’s my 90 degree sander?

Let’s say you did fill an “little” area. Now you need to make a flange for whatever part but the glass needs to be overlapped onto where the micro is. Now you have to sand off the micro down to the glass so you can have a glass to glass bond. All the prep time (if you prepped it) wasted. The epoxy and micro... wasted. More time wasted making the micro go away.

So save yourself the time and money of micro fill for the end of the project and just build parts. Besides, you really will not know the final contour or profile of a part until the building is complete. We have a saying around the shop... make the part, make it function, then make it pretty.

The professional team at Jet Guys Build Faster because they build Smarter.


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