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Instinct - A Very Valuable Tool

One of the interesting things about the Jet Guys is the team work. How does this help the individual builder? Glad you asked.

Every now and then we get a call or the actual builder visits us in the shop who says, “ ya know, when I did this I had a nagging feeling it wasn’t a good idea.” Ya were right.

So exactly why did you not listen to your intuition? When we’re doing our team thing, sometimes somebody says...”I don’t think this will end well... or I don’t get a warm fuzzy about this... or this is really screwed up.” So we sit around and figure out two or three more ways to accomplish the same task. Never any blame, finger pointing or smart comments. It’s about getting the ideas out. Usually one idea leads to another then another... you get the... idea.

Ok, you’re all by yourself and the nagging feeling comes up... warning, warning... danger ahead. Just stop.

Put stuff down and get a Diet Coke. Sit there and think... can I make this any harder? Come on... you build airplanes and you can’t figure out more than one way to make something happen? Yea right! One idea will lead to another and another...

Remember, if it doesn’t feel or look right, it isn’t. Don’t settle. Build it safe, build it right, then make it pretty.


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