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……..So we are sitting in my truck waiting for my daughter to come out of her dance class, around 9pm and I am cruising eBay …. “HONEY.... check this thing out.. a cozy with a TURBOJET!!! That’s one of the coolest things I have ever seen… There is 38 seconds left on the auction… what do you think? “ I said to my wife… “go for it honey!!!” my wife replied…. “Holy Cow… we bought a jet”…

I bought Greg Richter’s Cozyjet, to my knowledge, the first home built composite turbojet in history! Now what? I was aware of Canard airplanes but had never flown one at that time.

In trying to learn and understand the airplane, which I would be going to pick up in Georgia and fly cross county back to California, I reached out to Robert Harris, Greg had told me that he was the one who knew “Kerosene Dreams” very well.

I took a trip to Georgia and saw the aircraft and found out it had not been flown for… um let’s just say longer than I was comfortable with.

Called up Robert and he offered to go and get it on his trailer and bring it back to the shop and give her a look and assess fully… I loved the idea and when he got it back to his shop in Covington, the wife and I flew out there and drooled all over the shop floor… and began a 14 month refurbishing project with a complete rewire of the electrical system, brand new glass cockpit and a couple more trips there hanging out with Robert, Cozyjet flew home to California where she continued to turn heads at airshows, EAA fly-in events and just any freaking place I wend!. I now have more jet-canard time than anyone on the planet and that is about to be changed with Lance flying his awesome new Jet.

Aside from his depth and expertise in the field which is pretty much unmatched in my book, what I love the most is that when you ask Robert anything, there is a bit of pause and he will respond intelligently with good reasonable explanations and with such open mind that he doesn’t have to be right, although he pretty much always is, he will take ideas into consideration and answer honestly and competently.

I have talked with Robert since we met no less than once a month and he always answers the phone with a such great attitude and willing to help and knock around ideas.…

I have become a Cozy Nut-Job!!... I love flying these incredible machines and have another cozy that again, I bought and went straight to Robert and had him go over it and we made some significant improvements before I set course over the Rockies.

Robert, Mike and the entire team at Jet Guys are a pleasure to know and work with….

I have talked to Robert about this and I hear a Turboprop Cozy in my future!!!!!

Frank D. ~ California


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