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In Memory of Lance Hooley

With sad hearts the Jet Guys remember our great friend and team member, Lance Hooley. 



We can take an existing, flyable Canard airframe or build one from the ground up to support a turbine engine installation. Currently we use the GE T58-8 turbine engine.


Life happens.  When it does the Jet Guys can repair just about any life events which happen to your airplane. This is really how this shop started. We continually figure out practical repairs which result in structurally safe airframes.



Gotta have them done. There is no better place in the US to have a complete, detailed condition inspection done. We do owner assisted condition inspections where you can learn the details of why and how your airplane works to just stand there and watch the work happen.  It's up to you. The primary goal of our condition inspections is not to fulfill the FAR's, but to insure you have a safe and reliable airplane.



We have an engine shop which we can rebuild or repair as necessary the GE T58-8 engine then operate it on a run stand to completely set the engine up prior to mounting it on the airframe.  If you still want a piston engine, we still support them as well.



Whether it's changing a light bulb to a complete instrument panel change with all new radios and a new electrical system. It can be done here. They happen all the time.

Covington Municipal Airport

169 Airport Parkway Dr.

Covington, TN​

Email: jetguys@yahoo.com
Tel:  901-475-3686


8:30 AM - 5:00 PM EST

Monday - Friday

*Saturday & Sunday

  by Appointment Only

Call before you come by to be sure we are in, and if the doors are open come on in & snoop around.  We'll probably put sandpaper in your hand and and put you to work!


Robert heads up the Jet Guys shop with overall supervision as to the days events and how to accomplish each task to his high standards. This really comes naturally to Robert as he was the Director of Maintenance for a large turbine airplane operations.

Because of Robert's experience in the building, modification, repair and maintenance of Canard aircraft he knows exactly when and how projects need to be completed.  Robert makes the aircraft safe inside the budget established at the beginning. Because of his 30 years experience with Canard aircraft he also knows how much what you want done will cost.

The shop has different sections and everybody going and doing different things at the same time. Robert insures the completion of the tasks come together to move airframes along in their progress to completion and flight.

An example of what happens in the shop during an aircraft modification would be... Steve in in the engine shop getting an engine ready for installation while Mike is cutting and welding the tubing for the engine mount to mount it on the airframe. Robert was deep in the back seat of the airplane running wires because the owner wanted dual touch screen EFIS with ADSB in and out installed. Lance would play the what if and why not do this and what about this over here game while helping others where needed.

If a situation arises where we want a snarky metal piece over here to hold a micro switch hidden but attached to the fuselage side, Mike can go back to the milling machine and produce one from raw stock metal. In the meantime we have an avionics guy who is pulling wires and setting things up for the ADSB system.

When the project is ready for flight we all go into "flight test mode". Through Robert's vast experience we all know exactly what the airplane should be doing. However if it doesn't do as we expected, whether it's systems, engine heat or flying characteristics, we also have the experience to rectify the problem and end flight tests with a safe, properly flying and functioning airplane.






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