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Which main tires do Jet Guys use?

Which main tires do Jet Guys use?

On the VariEze we use the mini 5x5 also known as 11x4:00x5 tires not much options here. We have used a plain old vise to break the beed on the tire for years. It works a lot better if you let the air out first.

USE CAUTION all of these wheels are split rims, they WILL hurt you.

On the LongEze or Cozy Classic either the above mentioned tire , or the one we prefer is the standard 500x5 .

The reason we like the 500x5 is , if you trash a tire on the road you can find one on just about any airport. The other reason is better braking, and a much better ride.

For the heavy canards 15x600-6 6ply that is a Cessna Skymaster nose tire, we use these on all the jets.

An interesting side note. Over the years we began to notice that all the speed Ho’s had their wheel pants just clearing the ramp, as they got older the tires got bigger and the wheel pants further from the ramp. Probably got tired of repairing wheel pants.

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