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A Month in the Life of the Jet Guys

The last month has been quite busy.

Most of the Jet Guys crew spent a week at Oshkosh. We were unable to take John's Canard Jet due to a fuel problem, so plan B was to take Purple our Long Eze. Oshkosh suffered some flooding issues this year, so we were unable to fly in on Sunday, so we flew Purple back to Dodge county and left it there for the week.

Our new mission became support Rutan Aircraft Flying Experience (RAFE) with their aircraft, and just enjoy Oshkosh. A good time was had by all.

At Oshkosh my first project was to get all the RAFE owners and aircraft spotted for a picture for EAA. Everybody pitched in and things went smoothly. It has been interesting to watch RAFE mature as an organization over the years, and now as they took flight in the EAA air show.

The RAFE sponsored aircraft were used as back drops for Burt’s interviews. All of Ryszard's hard work, is starting to bring attention back to Canard Aircraft!

After Oshkosh for the Jet Guys it was back to the shop.

I started the Jet Guys business as EZ hanger back in the early 90’s doing some speed Mods for Jim Sprowl. Jim’s Long Eze has just returned to the Jet Guys for maintenance, a nose lift, and exhaust pipe install. It still looks good after all these years!

Jet Guys also have another Long Eze from the early days, back in the hangar for a new panel.

It’s nice to see the new Canard Aircraft owners Living The Dream.


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